Hard Time Edit


Hard Time is a game created by video game devoloper Mat Dickie . Note that this article is based on the iOS Edition. It is also available for purchase on PC via Steam.

Plot Edit

The game begins with the players character in a court room awaiting a jail sentence for a randomly generated crime. The initial sentence can be anywhere between 50 and 100 days, but good or bad behavior throughout the play through can cause the length of the sentence to rise or fall respectively. The primary objective is to survive the full length of the prison sentence and return to the outside world free. A variety of side quests are available, given by NPCs within the game. These typically revolve around completing a simple task.

Items Edit

A large variety of items are available for use by the player as well as other NPC's. Items can generally be seperated into two categories; consumable items, and tools. Consumable items refer to any item that replenishes the health or sanity of an in game character.

Over consumption will always result in illness and a subsequent steep drop in health and/ or sanity. Additionally, some food items are healthier than others. 

Junk food including but not limited to chocolate and soda will raise a characters sanity/ happiness while decreasing health. Cigarettes and beer also fall into this category. Other food items like fruits and vegetables will increase health, but provide little or no value to a characters morale.

Tools refer to any item that can be used to alter the game world, attack other characters, or alter a characters in game statistics. Any in game item can be used as a weapon. 2 types of fire arms can also be found within the game; semi automatics like the pistol and rifle, and a full automatic sub machine gun.

Both deal damage over range at the cost of low damage per hit. The number of shots within a magazine is random, and once a gun is depleted it can no longer be used except as a melee weapon. 

Shovels can be used as a bludgeoning weapon or to dig holes which link to random areas of the game. This is a useful way to create shortcuts or even escape captivity.

Items such as books and weights can increase strength and intelligence statistics, and playing basket ball or simply running is useful for increasing agility.

More Time in Jail Edit

It is possible to accrue more jail time as a result of continued criminal behavior, or failing a task given by a guard or other authority figure. Listed below are some situations that may result in a lengthened prison sentence. Bear in mind that your characters reputation has a significant effect on whether or not the judge rules against you or in favor of you. The higher your reputation, the more other convicts fear and respect you, but the judge will be more likely to increase your sentence. Fighting and general bad behavior increase your reputation. Following rules and choosing passive options when hostility occurs will make you a bigger target for fellow inmates, but the judge will be more forgiving.

  • failure to complete tasks - if a task is given by a warden or judge, failure to complete said task will often result in 1 or more days being added to your sentence with no court case.
  • Assault- assaulting other inmates and especially wardens and civilians will often result in a court case. Refer tovabove exolanation of reputation to understand your chances of receiving additional prison time.
  • Theft- stealing an item from a warden or other inmate may result in an arrest and subsequent court case. Court verdict depends on reputation.
  • Grevious Bodily Harm - injuring an Nnpcvia breakage of bones or extensive facial damage may result in a court case. Verdict depends on reputation, but if found guilty, a heftier addition will be made to the sentence, typically between 5-8 days.
  • Attemped Murder - nearly killing an NPC may result in a court case. Similar results to above situation, with greater addition to prison sentence.
  • Murder - murder of one or several individuals will almost definitely lead to a court case at some point. A guilty verdict is more likely than not, extending prison sentence to at least 60 days. In case of serial murder, it will add 100 days to your sentence.
  • Possession- possessing contraband items such as beer, cigarettes, or weapons may result in an arrest. A guilty verdict typically adds between 1 and 5 days.
  • Escape- eacaping the prison via tunnel or scaling the rec yard fence will practically always end in an arrest. Guilty to innocent verdict chance seems roughly 50/50 but again, take your characters reputation into consideration.
  • Rape- occasionally if you and another inmate are on top of a bed together, and you use the grapple tool to grab that inmate and perform a special move or attack, there is a small chance you can be arrested for rape. More often than not, the judge will rule in your favor. This type of arrest is only featured in the mobile version of Hard Time.
  • Conspiracy- if you and another inmate are discussing joining a gang, or you admit to a warden that you are in a gang, you could be arrested for conspiracy. The judge ruling seems to be based around your reputation.
  • Terrorism- if you are caught setting of a bomb in a crowded area, or using a bomb to murder someone, you could be arrested for terrorism. I have found that no matter your reputation, the judge has a higher chance of ruling in favor of the wardens, especially if you are a member of the ummah.
  • Dealing- if someone buys an item from you, or you accomplish a task in which you must deliver an item to someone, you could be arrested for dealing. The judges verdict depends on how dangerous the item you were dealing was, for example you would have a higher chance of being found guilty if you dealt in something like guns or weapons, than if you dealt in something like chocolate.
  • Freeloading- If you have not purchased the v.i.p. pass for the game, guards will sometimes randomly arrest you for Freeloading. This is used as a ploy to try to get you to buy the game pass. The judges verdict seems to usually be in favor of the inmate. This is another arrest that seems to only occur on the mobile version of the game.
  • Insubordination- If you break prison rules like fight, sleep during the day, or climb on furniture, the wardens will first ask you to stop what you are doing. If you stop, you will not be charged but will have your reputation go down. If you keep doing the action, your reputation will go up, but you will be arrested. Being found guilty will usually only result in a day being added on your aentence to make up for "the one you just wasted".
  • Urinating/Defacating in public- If you have the need to use the bathroom but don't get there in time, there is a chance a warden will arrest you for urinating in public if you peed, or defacating if it was pooping

Usally you get invited to a gang if you have a high reputation or a strong relationship with on, such as how much money you have and how high your attributes are. Some gangs are rivals with other gangs, and you can often spot the opposing members fighting. All the gangs in the mobile version of Hard Time are:

  • The Ummah- The Ummah are an aggresive Muslim based gang, who's main goal is to escape the prison by murdering everyone else who is not in their gang. Tgeir name translates to, "The Community".They wear a white laced cap on their heads sometimes called a ghutra or egal. They are rivals with the Suns Of God.
  • Gang Bang- Gang Bang is a gang consisting of all gay inmates. They will kiss to greet one another, unlike most other gangs who will just wave or hug. They are a relatively nuetral gang who stick to themselves. No straight people are alowed in the gang, and they can be identified by their feminine stance, with one hand placed on their hip, and shorts that they wear.
  • Suns Of God- A gang of white supremacists who strictly forbid any minorities or gay inmates to join them. They are a very violent gang and one that is hard to get into. They are rivals with both the Ummah, and The Dark Side. They can be identified by their shaven heads, sunglasses, and tattooes. They are in both the mobile and desktop versions of Hard Time.
  • Roadkill- Roadkill is a biker gang consisting of only the most physically fit inmates. They will only allow straight people into their gang, and you must have strength and agility of at least 75 percent. Their main rival is Gang Bang, probably due to the fact that Gang Bang is made up of all gay inmates and Roadkill is all straight inmates. They can be identified by their black sleeves, tattooes, and sleeveless vests.
  • The Dark Side- The Dark Side is a gang made up almost entirely of black inmates, though white people can join to. Their gang is meant to unite the prison's black community together. Their main rivals are the Suns Of God. They have no defining markings or anything that makes them stand out other than the fact that most of them are minorities.
  • One Eye Open- One Eye Open is a gang that doesn't have much to them They are a territorial gang that is extremely loyal and dedicated to each other, and will eliminate those who are rivals with their members. They can be identified by an eye patch that they wear over one of their eyes. They seem to have no real rival.
  • Los Enemigos- Los Enemigos is a Mexican gang whose name translates to, "The Enemies". In order to join their gang you must have a large and respectable amount of money, as well as a high reputation. They can be identified by the bandanas they wear over their mouthes, as well as their tattooes and brass ringed fingers. They might be seen with drugs like cigarettes or syringes a lot. They seem to have no real rival.

   Once you are in a gang, you will occasionally be assigned tasks by your fellow members that you must complete in order to prove your worth. Fail to many of these tasks, and you could get booted from the gang. Once in a gang you may have somebody walk up to you and ask if you could join. This is a tricky situation to handle, if you say yes then there is a chance that your leader will get angry with you for running the show and kick you out of the gang, but if you say no then that person becomes your enemy. While in a gang leaders from different gangs may come up you and ask for an alliance between your hang and their gang. There are no consequences if you say yes, other than the fact you lose a little bit of your reputation.

General Stats Edit

There are two general health bars: health and mind, represented by green and yellow respectively.

Health can be restored by sleeping, eating, using a first aid kit, using a syringe, or by buying painkillers. Health goes down gradually with time. It is also lost from injury, either caused by yourself or by an NPC fighting you. When it is completely depleted, your character will be near death and groaning on the floor. They can usually recover, still weak, gaining a little health after a few moments. There is still a probable chance they will not recover and die instead, so it is not recommended to take the chances and let health go so low.

The Mind, or Sanity bar can be restored by resting, eating, or using a syringe. It will not be increased using the first aid kit. Mind will decrease while fighting or killing someone. When it is completely depleted, you will lose control of your character as they have a breakdown, indicated by sobbing on the floor. They'll do erratic things, such as walk around and engage in fights or steal, for around a real life minute while the Mind bar restores itself until the game gives you back controls.

Reputation Edit

Reputation is an important factor in Hard Time. Having high reputation will cause you to be invited to more gangs and people won't mess with you as much. These are some ways to improve your reputation.

  • Winning fights +1
  • Dressing like someone else +1
  • Beating up people +1
  • Getting arrested a lot +1
  • Not listening to wardens +1
  • Stealing +1

However to keep your reputation from going down you must not

  • Listen to wardens -1
  • get stolen from -1
  • lose fights -1
  • getting beat up -1
  • ally gangs -1
  • becoming a warden -10
  • getting in a relationship -10
  • leave a gang -1
  • soil yourself (not make to the bathroom or a toilet in time) -1

Intellect Edit

Intellect is a factor that helps you win court cases. Some ways to keep it up are to

  • Read books (Press Taunt) +1
  • Get Tips from inmates and wardens +1
  • Perform strategic moves while fighting +1

Some ways to keep it down are to

  • Repeatedly beat up somebody -1

Strength Edit

Strength is a factor in Hard Time that determines how much pain you can inflict and how much you can take. Some ways to keep it up are to:

  • Get Into fights +2
  • Pick up heavy objects (crate ,barrel, stairs, ladder, cardboard box, etc) +1

Some ways to keep it down are to:

Agility is a factor in Hard Time that determines how fast you can run. Some ways to keep it up are to:

  • Run +1 (sometimes)
  • Jump off high object