Chi Guy is a character in Hard Time. He is a parody of real life wrestler/MMA fighter CM Punk. He also appears as a student in School Days (as "Slam Dunk.") and in Wrestling Revolution 2D and 3D. In Hard Time is usually be part of a gang.


Both 2D and 3D versions of Wrestling Revolution feature two seperate iterations of the Chi Guy character. The first one, found in All American Wrestling (2D) or Hollywood (3D) goes by "Slam Dunk" and is based on CM Punk's current apperance, while the second one (as seen in the pictures on the right) is found in United Kingdom Wrestling, goes by the Chi Guy name, and is rather based off of Punk's appearance during his indie/Ring of Honor days.

Age Gender Height Role Territory Gang Reputation Strength Intelligence Agility
25 Male 6ft 1in Inmate West Block None 85% 75% 96% 73%